Feb 5, 2019
Aliah Haigh, a local Woodinville student, will see her engineering design to produce artwork in microgravity launched into space on a Blue Origin rocket later this year.  She, along with her teammates Madelyn Heaston and Katja Kirchner won this honor after participating in the Higher Orbits Go for Launch workshop at the Museum of Flight.
Jan 11, 2019
The five high schoolers who authored this post participated in the Go For Launch! program as Team Waffle. After winning the local competition in Dulles, VA, their experiment went on to win the higher-level Cygnus Seriescompetition that included teams from San Diego, California and Gilbert, Arizona. Higher Orbits, Space Tango, and the ISS National Lab supported the development and flight of Team Waffle’s experiment. It launched to the ISSon November 17, 2018 as part of the Cygnus NG-10 mission.Materials engineers have developed self-healing plastics, metals, ceramics, and concrete. These materials can repair damage to themselves automatically, without any external intervention. We are working with this relatively new technology in our experiment, “Efficiency of a Self-Healing Material in Microgravity.” The experiment launched to the International Space Station on Northrop Grumman’s 10thcommercial resupply services mission in November 2018.
Dec 11, 2018
The U.S. National Laboratory on the International Space Station (ISS) is enabling a revolution in microgravity research by opening up the ISS to a wide range of potential researchers, including middle and high school students! The SpaceX Dragon capsule that launched on December 5 carried eight education payloads along with 5,000 pounds of other cargo. It reached the ISS on December 7, and some of the student experiments are already underway this week!
Dec 3, 2018
Durham County Library and Higher Orbits, a non-profit with the mission of promoting Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) education through the launchpad of spaceflight, are pleased to announce Team Orion the winner of the Go For Launch! (GFL!) 2018 Durham Series presented by the Durham County Library and Durham Library Foundation. Higher Orbits, in partnership with the Library and Foundation, brought the Go For Launch! 2018 Durham Series experience to high school students in Durham, NC across six events held between April 2017 and August 2018.
Dec 3, 2018
Congratulations to team Orion! Their experiment was chosen as the overall Go For Launch! Durham series winner and will launch to the International Space Station on a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket tentatively scheduled for launch on December 4. Stay tuned for updates!