At Higher Orbits, our goal is always to provide a safe place for ALL students to explore STEM and space and be who they want to be. 

The IDEA SPACE Coalition at Higher Orbits provides scholarships and opportunities to historically underserved and underrepresented youth, enabling them to participate in the life-changing, hands-on experiences at Higher Orbits.  

“No matter who it is they want to be and what it is they want to do, young people should always be encouraged to invite others into their orbits who will help them explore ultimately assist them in achieving the goals and dreams they set for themselves. Higher Orbits has always stood for a safe place for every student.”

~ Tara Sweeney, Higher Orbits Diversity and Inclusion Coalition 2022 Chair

IDEA Space partners with local and national organizations to strengthen its connection to students that seek STEM and Space experiences and to further its scholarship and engagement opportunities for youth. 

Corporate Sponsors

Higher Orbits actively seeks relationships with other like-minded groups to fulfill the Coalition’s mission. To explore opportunities to have your corporation or organization represented on the Diversity and Inclusion Coalition, please contact