Nov 15, 2017
This was just a few days ago when an Antares rocket from NASA launched into space. The rocket was carrying precious cargo as part of an experiment that could help make other planets capable of sustaining human life. "The beginning of all of this was in this room on those four computers over there," Ian Anderson said.
Nov 12, 2017
A space experiment was devised by a group of five high school students from Gilbert. They competed to have their experiment idea flown to space. They won and their project launched Sunday. "It's just crazy to think that something we thought of, that we put our devotion and hard work into, was being launched into space right in front of us."
Nov 11, 2017
AT 7:37 AM Eastern time on Saturday, a Cygnus cargo ship jam-packed with over three tons of crew supplies and hardware will blast toward the International Space Station atop Orbital ATK’s Antares rocket. ISS resupply missions aren’t just about making sure astronauts never run out of toilet paper. (Those folks keep a six month stockpile of all necessities anyway, which is why it isn’t a huge deal when the cargo ships ferrying their food and spacewalking equipment occasionally—or really, semi-regularly—go kaboom.) Where things really get interesting is in the research payloads—the science catching a ride on an otherwise logistical launch.

Orbital ATK CRS-8 Prelaunch Science Briefing

Nov 10, 2017
Nov 9, 2017
Here’s a science question for you: E. coli, microclover and a virtual reality camera — what do they have in common? Answer: They’ll all be aboard the Cygnus cargo spacecraft set to launch early Saturday from Virginia’s spaceport on Wallops Island to the International Space Station. Stand outside at 7:37 a.m., look eastward and, weather and launch parameters permitting, you could see a medium-lift Antares rocketing off on a mission to deliver a whole suite of science experiments, groceries and hardware to the latest ISS crew members now living in low-Earth orbit.