John Hughes is a distinguished electrical engineer and esteemed veteran of the United States Marines. With over four decades of remarkable achievements, Hughes has made an indelible mark in his field. In 1978, he proudly graduated from Purdue University, earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering. This paved the way for his expertise in servo control analysis, where he has excelled throughout his illustrious career. In his remarkable 45-year career, Hughes has expertly built mathematical models that accurately forecast machine performance. With 37 years at the prestigious Lockheed Martin, a leader in global security and aerospace, Hughes has led groundbreaking projects, establishing the company's reputation for innovation and dependability. Hughes currently serves as the Lead Engineer at Boss Laser and has driven the company's innovative spirit and played a central role in developing the highly anticipated Mach3, a High-Speed Laser System set to launch this year. Hughes' extensive knowledge and diverse skillset have set new benchmarks in laser technology, exemplifying his commitment and brilliance at Boss Laser. In addition to his professional achievements, Hughes is an accomplished inventor, holding 15 patents. These patents demonstrate his contribution to innovation and his status as a luminary in electrical engineering. Hughes has made substantial contributions to elevating industry standards and paving the way for the next generation of engineers.

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