May 8, 2023

Amrita’s Initial Thoughts on Australia

What are you most excited about with respect to attending the International Science School and what Australian animal are you most excited to see?

I don’t know about you, but I love koalas. It’s quite cliche, but these fluffy critters are definitely one of the animals I’m most excited to see. They’re not the only unique creature native to Australia, though. Australia’s biodiversity is something to revere. From Tasmanian devils to cassowaries to emus and kangaroos, animals that feel like they shouldn’t even be real thrive there. The wealth of life in Australia is truly awe-inspiring. And our knowledge of it is still increasing! It seems that every day, there’s another news article about a new species discovered there. It makes me wonder that if there are so many things still left to discover on a single continent, how much can we learn from our universe? 

Since I was a child, I’ve always been curious to learn more about the world I live in. And at the International Science School, I’m most excited to do just that! I am absolutely thrilled to dive headfirst into the world of science with some of the University of Sydney’s finest scientists. I cannot wait to learn extremely complex concepts and deepen my own understanding of science. As someone who has long wanted to get involved in research, and apply the scientific method to uncover patterns woven into our environment, I am incredibly eager to be able to learn about groundbreaking new discoveries and scientific concepts. It’s going to be an incredible journey of discovery, and I am beyond excited to get started!

Alongside the wealth of lectures and scientific experiences offered, the International Science School offers the unique opportunity to form a global network with peers who are equally passionate about science. With the truly international nature of the International Science School, I am so excited to expand my worldview and learn from many different perspectives and points of view. I’ve never been to Australia, and I’m incredibly excited to explore the city and see new places in Australia. I’m so grateful to Higher Orbits and the International Science School for this once-in-a-lifetime chance to be one of five students representing the United States there.

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Amrita is a junior in high school who loves robots. A certified science nerd, you can often find her in the corner of a library or listening to classical music.

Amrita Singh

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