Jason Artner

Jason Artner is the Director of Aerospace Business Development at The Scot Forge Company.  Jason studied Applied Computer Science at Illinois State University prior to shifting focus toward the manufacturing sector.  He has over thirty years of experience with large-scale, fracture-critical metallic components and assemblies.

Jason’s passion for astronomy led him to initiate the Scot Forge aerospace division in 2008.  In this role he was the catalyst for driving enhancements to quality systems, installing new equipment, and training personnel. Under his leadership, Scot Forge has supported more than forty unique missile programs and supplies hardware for every major space launch in the United States, along with numerous missions for the European Space Agency.

His enthusiasm for Space Exploration drives an obsession to support and develop the next generation of STEMists.  Jason has long held the belief that a “Big Crunch” is inevitable, despite a consensus from the scientific community that says otherwise.  Maybe one day a Go For Launch! student will prove him right!

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