Wow! Kentucky Mission Discovery was AMAZING!

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I’m sorry that it’s taken me a week to write this blog about Kentucky Mission Discovery but it’s just been so insanely busy! (Yeah, I know, you’re all saying “But she always says that!” And you’re right – I do!) I feel so fortunate that last summer I happened to meet Twyman from Space Tango […]


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Well…. I must admit, it’s been a little bit of a challenge to come up with the new Mission Discovery Kentucky dates (and that’s why it took 2 days to come up with an answer) it we’ve got new dates selected! Woo hoo!! New Mission Discovery Kentucky Dates March 21-22 & March 28-29 We certainly […]

In-Kind Donations for Kentucky Mission Discovery

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Hello all! Yep we’re in the home stretch on the countdown to the first ever Mission Discovery Kentucky! We are so thrilled to have Presenting “Galaxy” Sponsors Space Tango, Kentucky Space & Kentucky Science Center On Board, as well as Supporting “Solar System Sponsor” Your Logo Here Promotions, LLC; but we’re still looking for some […]

Delay for Kentucky Mission Discovery

Delay for Kentucky Mission Discovery!

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THIS IS THE EMAIL THAT WAS SENT OUT TO ALL MISSION DISCOVERY PARTICIPANTS REGARDING THE WEATHER DELAY FOR KENTUCKY MISSION DISCOVERY… Hello all, Well, there’s one thing in life that we certainly can’t control and that is the weather. After much debate and much assessment we have decided to cancel/delay this weekend’s Mission Discovery. This […]

Spread the Word!

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As you may well know, Higher Orbits is not exactly an enormous organization. Really it’s just 1 gal (that’d be me!) who believes in this and is lucky enough to have some friends who choose to help out along the way to keep me from going completely crazy! Since Higher Orbits is small (for now) […]


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To continue with my theme of ways you can help… I guess let me state the obvious – We need actual volunteers! Obviously some of the previous posts are things that you can volunteer for (obtaining items for the auction etc.) but if you need more specific tasking then a generic “Hey can you help” […]

Other Donatable Items for Mission Discovery

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Here’s the next edition of how you can help out with Mission Discovery if you are so inclined… Donatable items! (I guess donatable isn’t really a word but I’m going with it! You all know what I mean!) There are obviously supplies and logistical things that we need for each event. Everything from pens and […]

Donations for Cosmic Cocktails – Wanna Help?

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Two of the components of out Cosmic Cocktails evening that are going to help us raise even more scholarship funds for students are our silent auction and Lucky Star Swag Bags. (If you don’t know what the Lucky Star Swag Bags are check out this link – ) Obviously we need some great items […]

Lucky Star Swag Bags

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If you’ve taken a look at the Cosmic Cocktails Eventbrite page – – you may be wondering… “What in the World are Lucky Star Swag Bags?” Lucky Star Swag Bags are an idea conceived from some work I did with a previous organization’s fundraising event. The idea being that you buy a string of […]

Next Round of Scholarship Winners!

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I’m excited to announce some more scholarship winners that will be attending Mission Discovery Valparaiso University… Rynelle Castellino of Cathedral High School has the goal of working of NASA and becoming an astronaut. She has been inspired by Kalpana Chawla’s hard work, determination and courage. One of the things that I absolutely loved about her […]