Donations for Cosmic Cocktails – Wanna Help?

Two of the components of out Cosmic Cocktails evening that are going to help us raise even more scholarship funds for students are our silent auction and Lucky Star Swag Bags. (If you don’t know what the Lucky Star Swag Bags are check out this link – )

Obviously we need some great items for both of these things and I’m going to toss this out there to you amazing folks… I need some help! I certainly am working to solicit items for both of the above but I encourage you to reach out to your local businesses to see if they can help in any way.

We’ve got some awesome items already but definitely need some more for both our silent auction as well as the Lucky Star Swag Bags. Need some ideas? Well here ya go…
Gift Cards/Certificates to restaurants local to Northwest Indiana/Chicago
Hotel stays in Chicago
Activities in Chicago or Northwest Indiana
Spa/Nail etc. Gift Certificates
Passes to amusement parks etc.
Unique events like a chef’s table, tour of a chocolate factory etc.
Actual items – just about anything! Jewelry, household items, Bottle of Wine, Autographed Items
Bottom line is, what would you want to bid on? That’s what we need!

Remember – we will be creating our Star Bags and they can have multiple items in them so even if an item is only worth $5 or $10 it can definitely be useful as an item to include in a Star Bag or in a basket that we will create of various items.

Along the basket lines….
If you can think of things to have donated that will make up a great basket that’s extra helpful! I have already started a wine basket, a beer basket and a space basket. I welcome more items for each if you have them.

There’s a form that should be filled out for the donation and here’s the link to that

Some specific places that I’ve consistently had good luck with include: Target (most Targets will give a $10-$20 gift card), Hooters (Often they will donate a Wings Party), Local places in general tend to be more willing than national chains but obviously that’s not always the case

Additionally they will let us bring in cakes or cupcakes but that’s the only thing. I do want to get some of this donated – if you can help me with this that would be awesome too!!!

I appreciate any and all help that anyone can offer. Usually when you run one of these you’ve got a whole bunch of official volunteers but since this is a new thing… well, we’re still growing so I’m asking you all to be my volunteers. I hope you don’t mind 😉

I’m certainly not asking you to run out and spend hours and hours pounding the pavement to ask for donations, instead here’s a suggestion… print out some of the donation forms and when you go to dinner or shopping ask at the place you are at.

Haven’t bought your tickets yet? Well you can fix that right now by going to

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