Yuridia’s AIAA SciTech 2024 Experience

If there is one word I can use to describe my AIAA Sci-tech experience is WOW. I was so amazed with the incredible advancements there have been in the industry. Just getting on the plane on my way to Orlando I was jumping up and down so excited even though it was five in the morning. The second you enter this conference you are taken back by everything there is. 

During the first day I truly could not believe I was there and was just in awe of all the opportunities in front of me. The exhibition hall was just so impressive with companies like Rolce Royce, Spacex, NASA, Boeing and Barrios technology. I was truly shocked at all the displays they had, however my favorite was for sure the Artemis model with NASA and Boeing. I also went into some pretty great sessions such as Advancing Aerospace Education III. I believed this session was so interesting as students from Purdue University had to build an engine from scratch in a class competition. They shared their goals, plans and overall design. Ultimately I was very impressed.

I also got to meet some very important and inspiring people such as Brian Talbot of AIAA. He originally had done marketing in the beginning of his career, however switched to AIAA and specialized in project management which is something that interests me in the future. He was able to talk to me and guide me into how to receive a certification in project management that can help me improve my resume and career. I also got to speak with people from every table in the exhibition hall and learn what they do and what their mission is. It was such a great networking opportunity. 

At our presentation I was able to meet and interact with six other truly amazing Higher Orbits students. I was so impressed with each and everyone of them. Rachel is going to have her own book, Zach and Leia are studying to be aerospace engineers, Peper is just so social and a go getter and Nakhita is going to Caltech. Like what?! I am truly so lucky to have shared this experience with these other Higher Orbits Alumni. Their perseverance, determination and dedication not just to their education but to others around them truly shocked me. During the presentation we were able to share our experience and what we are doing now with many others who were at the conference. I was truly taken a back when I got an applause while speaking of Nogales Go For Launch, which I have been working closely with Michelle to make it a reality. We were approached by several professionals of the industry after our presentation and were truly fortunate to have made these connections.

Outside of the conference I was so grateful to have gone to dinner with all these other amazing students and get to know each other better. I was also fortunate enough to take my family and boyfriend to Disney Springs and EPCOT which was very special to me because it was their first time going to Disney World and Florida. This truly was an amazing opportunity and I am so beyond grateful to Higher Orbits, Michelle and my other fellow Higher Orbits Alumni for continuously helping me grow in this industry and be able to have these amazing opportunities.

Written By – Yuridia Sanchez

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