July 26, 2022

The Space Bar

I suspect you may have seen this joke before…

I’ve often thought there needs to be a good space themed bar (of course I think there should be a lot more space themed things but I digress…)… NOW THERE IS!

The Space Bar has now opened in Titusville, FL at the top of the Courtyard Marriott there. (This hotel is new – just opened this Spring and for those of you who may have some vintage knowledge of where Space Camp Florida was, well this is in the same place!) Not to worry, you don’t have to be a guest at the hotel to visit this great space!

Upon exiting the elevator, well either of them, there are 2 in separate areas, immediately you see great space nods already.  I obviously love the colors of the galaxy picture!

You wander out to the actual space and it’s a sweeping view of the VAB and launch pads. But then if you turn back around you’ll see an awesome huge moonscape picture. Note – this is definitely a good photo op!

On some of the tables there is space themed décor including light up moons and the pillows on the comfy chairs are galactic!

There is ample seating up here in a variety of ways… standard tables, high tables, bar seating, and even some more lounge seating. In case there is not a rocket on the pad to be ogling there are TVs that can be found showing NASA TV or sports (depending on the day). I will tell you that during our trip for Go For Launch! KSCVC, in late June, Katy & I went up to the Space Bar every night we were there just so we could gaze at SLS on the launchpad. It was glorious! I tried to take a picture but it doesn’t do the grandeur any justice so I am choosing not to share that, instead I’ll share a still not so great picture of the view in general.

Their food is quite tasty! I personally am a huge fan of their charcuterie and their nachos. And the drinks, well with a name like Space Bar you know they have to be on theme! (Note – drinks are for individuals of legal drinking age only!) We couldn’t resist trying the Skyrockets in Flight – tasty and such a fun concept. The Space Shuttle is delightful too.

But what really makes the Space Bar out of this world awesome is the out of this world amazing hospitality from all who work there! Be sure to tell Sean at the bar & Leyla “Hello!” and everyone else too!

They do sometimes open the Space Bar to the public for launches (purchase of wristband etc. may be necessary – be sure to check with them) and it is open to hotel guests for launches. You can also have a private event there in the “lounge” area – we can attest, it’s a great space for this.

For me, I don’t think I’ll ever head to KSC without a visit to The Space Bar! Perhaps I will see some of you there!

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