March 18, 2021

Sending your artwork to new heights!

Calling all artists… we’ve got a unique opportunity for you… a chance to fly your artwork to the Edge of Space!

Okay, so maybe you aren’t an out of this world artist, let me be honest, I definitely am not! I am known to joke that any artwork I create looks like a 6 year old did it and that saying that might be insulting to the 6 year old! BUT with this Fly your artwork to the edge of space opportunity, while only a handful of physical pieces of artwork will be flown, all artwork will be flown digitally and every person whose artwork flies (including digitally) will get a certificate of flight. That’s really cool!

I have my boarding passes from the recent Perseverance flight and from the Orion EFT-1 flight…. Those were just me sending my name electronically and I thought that was absolutely awesome… the idea that I can send something I created (even if it’s not the greatest art in the world) to the Edge of Space… I am so in! I don’t know quite what it will look like yet (though I need to figure it out soon because time is running out) but I do know it will reflect me in some way… and of course it will meet all the criteria outlined for submission. (Note – there are specific criteria you are required to meet for your artwork to be accepted.)

Want to find out more? For full details and to submit your artwork.

I am excited to have my artwork flown on the Space Perspective Neptune One test flight. I promise to share whatever it is I create once I get it created… I hope you will share yours as well!


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Michelle Lucas
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Michelle spent 10 years working at NASA primarily in International Space Station (ISS) Flight Control Operations Planning and as an Astronaut Instructor in the Daily Operations Group. Her passion for inspiring students led to extensive work with other organizations in STEM outreach. She then decided to form Higher Orbits to continue to work to inspire students about the wonders of STEM through spaceflight.

Michelle Lucas

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