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Taking art to new heights — the edge of space

Artists compete to have original works flown to space

Leesburg, Virginia — March 10, 2021Art allows imaginations to soar. Artists of all ages have the chance to compete for their works to fly to the the edge of space on Space Perspective’s first test flight Neptune One.

Higher Orbits, an educational nonprofit that uses space to promote STEAM by partnering astronauts and students, is collaborating with Space Perspective, a human space flight company, for an art competition open to every person on the planet. The Fly Your Artwork to the Edge of Space Competition starts Wednesday, March 10, and closes on March 24. Winners’ art will be flown to the edge of space onboard Neptune One.

“The partnership offers a new platform that inspires folks of all ages to harness their creativity and explore space, art and Earth in a different way,” said Jane Poynter, Space Perspective co-chief executive officer. “Art has the power to engage and unite on many levels, so we can’t wait to see how far imaginations stretch in this stimulating competition.”

From climbing mountains and sailing the seas to air travel and spaceflight, humanity has always sought to go higher and farther, to gain a new and better perspective of our world. Use this theme to prepare and create projects for the competition.

  • Artwork must follow these parameters:
  • On paper no thicker than card stock,
  • Must be original creation by the submitter,
  • Artwork may not protrude or extend from the paper itself, and
  • Each work must not exceed dimensions of 4 inches by 6 inches.

Digital work is acceptable. Limit one piece of art per person.

To submit artwork, upload images at https://bit.ly/FlyYourArtworkToTheEdgeOfSpace. All entries will be digitally flown to the edge of space, while winners’ art will be physically flown. Winners must mail their original artwork to be stowed aboard Neptune One. A panel of judges will select winners in the following brackets:

  • Ages 0 - 6,
  • Ages 7 - 11,
  • Ages 12 - 16,
  • Ages 17 - 20, and
  • All other adults.

As with any launch to space, the outcome of the flight or return of artwork is not guaranteed. All participants will receive a digital certificate of flight after the mission.

“This is a unique chance to be part of this historic flight,” said Michelle Lucas, Higher Orbits founder. ”We believe that space inspires new perspectives, and we want to share that with everyone.” For more information about Higher Orbits, visit higherorbits.org or contact Lucas, media@higherorbits.org.

About Higher Orbits:
Higher Orbits is a 501(c)3 non-profit that uses spaceflight to promote science, technology, engineering, art and math while strengthening leadership, teamwork, and communication skills. Higher Orbits conducts Go For Launch! events across the country and partners with companies and organizations to launch the next generation of scientists, researchers and creators. Participants work with astronauts, scientists, and engineers during hands-on collaborative activities for awards that culminate with a project intended for space. A dozen Higher Orbits projects have flown to space. More are being developed. During the 2020 Commercial Space Leadership Awards, the Commercial Spaceflight Federation awarded Higher Orbits the Patti Grace Smith STEM Award for education and commitment to expanding knowledge to the next generation of commercial space pioneers. To learn more about 2021’s events and inspire the next generation of STEMists, STEAMists and explorers, visit HigherOrbits.org.

About Space Perspective:

Space Perspective is a human spaceflight company committed to fundamentally changing people’s view and perception of Earth. Using a high-performance space balloon and pressurized capsule technology that travels to and from the edge of space over a six-hour period, the spacecraft offers opportunities for groundbreaking research and life-changing travel experiences for off-world explorers. Space Perspective is led by a team of professionals that have developed or operated all human balloon flights to the edge of space in the last 50 years.

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