Go For Launch! Set to Highlight Hometown Hero and Fort Collins High School Alum Astronaut Dottie Metcalf-Lindenburger

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Go For Launch! Set to Highlight Hometown Hero and Fort Collins High School Alum Astronaut Dottie Metcalf-Lindenburger

Higher Orbits Galactic HQ – Jan. 16, 2023 – Students in Fort Collins, CO will have the opportunity to hear from and work with out of this world Astronaut Dottie Metcalf-Lindenburger, February 18 & 19 at Higher Orbits’ Go For Launch! Fort Collins program.

What better place for Astronaut Dottie to talk about her journey in STEM and the wonders of working in space then her own alma mater, Fort Collins High School?

“I'm looking forward to the upcoming
Go For Launch! FoCo '23 because I enjoy watching the students come together as teams, learn about the experiment challenge criteria, and then develop interesting experiments that can work in space. Also, I always love coming back to my hometown and remembering how my own teachers challenged me," said Dottie Metcalf-Lindenburger, Retired NASA Mission Specialist for Space Shuttle mission STS-131.

The hands-on flagship program of Higher Orbits spotlights the wonders of spaceflight and space exploration to provide students across the country the opportunity to develop and strengthen their skills in STEM, teamwork, communication, research design, and leadership. While focusing on spaceflight,
 Go For Launch! students work alongside a featured astronaut at each event to learn and develop important skills that can be applied in any professional field.

“It's truly a once in a lifetime opportunity for students to work alongside our alumna Astronaut, Dottie Metcalf-Lindenburger. The chance for a team of students to design an experiment that has a chance of making it to the ISS is incredible,” said
Rick Blas, Science Teacher at Fort Collins High School.

This is the third
Go For Launch! event hosted at Fort Collins High School.

“It's truly an honor and a privilege to bring an Astronaut back to their hometown to work with students in that community because there is power in a student realizing that the seat they are sitting in now, an Astronaut has sat in,” said
Michelle Lucas, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Higher Orbits.

Higher Orbits is grateful for the support provided by their Diversity and Inclusion Coalition of Arianespace, Burns & McDonnell, Iridium, and their organizational partner OBAP.

Open to students grades 8 through 12,
Go For Launch! Fort Collins will be held February 18-19, 2023 at Fort Collins High School, the host partner for this event. Interested students can register online at: https://higherorbits.org/go-for-launch/

Financial aid is available to students who need assistance to be able to attend this event.

About Higher Orbits
Founded in 2015, Higher Orbits is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization creating an experiential learning lab for secondary school students across the United States, focused on the multi-faceted worlds of space exploration, research, and spaceflight in order to launch the next generation workforce our world desires.

About Fort Collins High School
Students at FCHS create a culture of Acceptance, Pride, Integrity, Respect, and Responsibility. These principles are ingrained in the school's culture and displayed by the Pillars of Excellence that hang in our halls. FCHS has a diverse student body and coordinates the only high school-sponsored Diversity Conference in Northern Colorado.
Students challenge each other to look for the best in others, dream big, choose positive influences, speak kindness, and start their own chain reaction. Freshmen at FCHS are enrolled in yearlong Seminar course "Lambkin Way;' designed to promote a successful transition between middle school and high school. The course provides students with opportunities for academic enrichment and assistance; improvement of organizational, study and communication skills; and promotion of FCHS schoolwide expectations, goals and activities.


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