Liza Fust studied writing so she could become an author and had no idea she would end up living a not-so-fictional science story instead.

In 2018, Liza graduated from Northern Michigan University with a bachelor's in English Writing and Communication studies. Her nonfiction writings have appeared in Marquette Monthly (including a feature on the 1960s rocket launch out in the Keweenaw Peninsula) and her short stories have been in most issues of the U.P. Reader (including one about space whales).

Now Liza is the Director of Operations at Kall Morris Inc, a space logistics company focused on removing orbital debris that is headquartered in Marquette, Michigan.

As Director of Operations, Liza gets to work on writing applications for research projects, communications with partners across the space industry, and sometimes even help out with science and engineering projects, like one that is launching to the International Space Station later this year

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Stella’s Thoughts Before ASCEND

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