February 9, 2021


Jim Allan is the Accessibility Coordinator the Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired. He was the webmaster at the school for 18 years. Jim was an itinerant TVI in public schools for 10 years and an assistive technology specialist for 10 years. He has worked in the field of assistive technology and accessible information access for more than 38 years. Jim is committed to accessible web design; and, the development of accessible multimedia textbooks, online-learning materials, and assessment. An instructor at AccessU for 10 years, he has been teaching developers how to create accessible websites. Jim helped Space Camp to be accessible to visually impaired students, and has been bringing students for 23 years. He was inducted into the Space Camp Hall of Fame in 2009. Jim is a participant in the World Wide Web Consortium’s-Web Accessibility Initiative (W3C – WAI). He is the current Chair of the User Agent Working Group that developed browser accessibility guidelines. Jim is the Co-Chair of the Low Vision Taskforce. He has a PhD in Special Education from the University of Texas.

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Sophie’s ASCEND Experience

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