January 6, 2021

Launching into 2021!

Greetings from Higher Orbits galactic HQ as we start the new year. we are excited about the possibilities this year holds!

Wanted to share with you how we finished up 2020 and what we are launching into as we start 2021…

The last part of 2020 we started our Higher Orbits Space at Home kits. This idea started with an initial kit – the launch kit – to see if it would truly be of interest. Wow was it!

This kit, and each Space at Home kit, was filled with STEM/STEAM activities and many of these activities had webinars to lead students through the activity. Also included were multiple webinars with Astronauts and of course, everyone’s favorite – space swag! The kits are geared at students in grades 7-12 but we’ve had younger students enjoy the kit with a bit of assistance and older students have had a blast too.

We had such a great response to this initial kit that we decided to keep going! We followed up that initial kit with our Higher Orbits Space at Home Edge of Space kit where students, in addition to the regular kit contents, had the opportunity to compete to have their science experiment launched to the Edge of Space on Space Perspective’s Neptune 1 Test Flight. We are still evaluating the proposals and will be excited to announce the winner.

Finishing out the year for Higher Orbits Space at Home we had our Moon & Mars kit. We sent out over 300 kits (in total of the 3) and nearly half of these kits were granted to underserved students thanks to generous support from corporate sponsorship and individual donations. (Want to help? Does your company want to help? Let us know!)

We also created a new kit that is non-traditional from our monthly STEM/STEAM kits. The Higher Orbits Space at Home Space Books Kit has 6 space related books and the webinars will span the entire first half of 2021. Participants (which can be students or adults)  will read the books and then have webinars with the Authors and/or Astronauts. There are options for a 3 (2 different options) or full 6 book set.

Now as we launch into 2021 we are looking at all the possibilities that exist this year!

We will be starting off the year with more Space at Home kits! We just released the latest kit Higher Orbits Space at Home – For the Love of Space and are excited that at the end of this month, after a month’s break we will start this kit and have plans to run kits through at least May. (Sponsor & donor support much appreciated if available!)

We have a lot of confidence that we will be able to run in person Go For Launch! programs across the country sometime this year. We are working to determine dates all while maintaining flexibility for ever-evolving situations.  We will post details as they become available.

We have several exciting announcements coming up this month… but I can’t tell you about those quite yet! Tune in to our social media to follow along with the latest updates and one of our 2021 resolutions is to do better about blog posting so check back here weekly!

Til next time…

Stay safe…. Stay well… Stay Stellar!


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