Initial Australia Thoughts from Jamison

I have always been fascinated with the fact that there could possibly be life somewhere else than Earth. When I was younger, I watched movies such as Planet 51, Monsters vs. Aliens, and other various alien movies. As I got older, I realized that discovering life on other planets was a career that I definitely wanted to pursue. It also helps that I am interested in engineering, so I concluded that being an aerospace engineer was definitely the career that I wanted to be involved in. My dream is to design rovers and other robotic vehicles that can explore planets and allow humankind to determine whether there is life on the different planets. Going to the International Space School in Australia will definitely put me one step closer to achieving my dreams. I will get to learn about all of the current scientific and space breakthroughs that are happening under the Nasa company and I will also get to meet various talented minds from all of the world that all share my passion and dream. I can’t wait to go to Australia because I know that the trip will be a blast and I will come back to the United States with more knowledge and experience in dealing with space and all of its magnificent beauty and secrets that it holds.

– Written by Jamison Fuller, one of the five students selected to travel with us to Australia this summer or the International Science School

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