I’m So Excited!

I’m so excited…. and I just can’t hide it!!

For all of you who I’ve now gotten that song stuck in your head, I do apologize, it’s just that I’ve been singing it since I woke up this morning!

I am so excited!

Every year the Naval Institute hold a big conference at the Naval Academy and this year the theme/topic is space! https://www.usni.org/events/2013-us-naval-history-conference

I feel lucky to get to be here at the Naval Academy to be able to experience this and the fact that Ken has been kind of the “point guy” here at USNA helps get me access to some extra cool stuff!

Even though the Government is shutdown this event is still happening. Sadly the current astronauts (or anyone who technically still works for NASA wether they are a current astronaut or not) such as Chris Cassidy, Suni Williams and Charlie Bolden will not be able to attend which is a bummer because it would be even more epic to have them here. However, there are still so many amazing folks who will be here! Astronaut speakers include Mike Lopez-Alegria, Frank Culbertson, Bob Crippen and more! While I am super excited to see those guys I must admit I am absolutely beside myself about the fact that I am going to get to meet Jim Lovell and Tom Stafford! Talk about living legends!!!

I promise I will take LOTS of pictures. I will also do my best to do some Live Tweeting from the event (assuming I can get my phone to connect while in Alumni Hall – sometimes service in there is not so good) so feel free to follow me on Twitter if you want. My handle is @spacechelle

It all begins tonight with a special reception at the Superintendent’s House followed by a Forrestal Lecture (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/James_Forrestal) by Miles O’Brien.

I’m so excited!!!

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