Space at Home

Bringing Space To You!

A Whole Summer of Space, STEM, STEAM, Space Swag, & Fun in YOUR home!

Whether you are looking for a full summer of STEM and STEAM fun, or just want a Space Swag Grab Bag, we have you covered with the Summer of Space kit!

Unlike our previous kits, this is an entire season of activities and webinars (June 28th - through September). It is bursting with space-inspired STEM/STEAM activities, space swag, and will give you access to webinars, talks from experts about space, and - as always - Real-life, flown-to-space Astronauts for you to meet, learn from, interview, and be inspired by as you consider your own space flight, space research, or space art journey.

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Space Inspires more than just students. Space Inspires everyone! We want to bring that inspiration to YOUR home! Building from our knowledge gained and refined from running more than 50 Go For Launch! events we've launched an initiative to bring space directly to you.

Higher Orbits' Past Space at Home Kits

Higher Orbits Space at Home

During these challenging times when we can't easily come together, we want to bring space to YOU! Approximately once a month a new kit will be available for the following month. Each new kit will have a unique set of activities that can be done at home, access to webinars with space and STEM experts including webinars to lead you through many of the activities, space swag, and oh did we mention... webinars with Astronauts?

Higher Orbits Space at Home Kit

Within each Higher Orbits Space at Home Kit page is an option to donate in any amount to assist in the support of this effort. You can also chose to grant a kit to a student in need. To date, nearly half of the kits that have been sent out have been sent to underserved students thanks to the generous support of companies, individuals, and organizations.

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Companies interested in sponsoring kits for students should contact us at

Higher Orbits Space at Home Best Of Kit.

If you’d like to send a kit that is all pre-recorded and contains some of our favorite activities from past kits you can purchase the Higher Orbits Space at Home Best Of Kit.