May 4, 2016

National Astronaut Day – May 5, 2016 – First Ever

Blog from Michelle – Founder/President Higher Orbits

Did you know tomorrow will be the first ever National Astronaut Day?



Conceived as a day to celebrate our national heroes – the Astronauts – May 5 was chosen because it is the day that Alan Shepard became the first American in space.

The whole intent behind National Astronaut Day is to share stories, experiences and input from Astronauts to hopefully “spark” some curiosity about Space Exploration and inspire a few folks along the way to be empowered to follow their dreams.

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There are a lot of ways that you could celebrate and this can take on a lot of forms. How I plan to celebrate National Astronaut Day is to celebrate various Astronauts who have been meaningful to me through my life. I was struck by this idea while watching NCIS last night. One of the characters noticed that we should celebrate people more when we can and she started doing that. Well how convenient that National Astronaut Day affords me the opportunity to easily do this tomorrow!

These thoughts and celebrations will come on 3 media platforms

Facebook (Higher Orbits Page) –

Twitter (Handle is @spacechelle) –

And this blog.

Sorry to spread it across all 3 but given the character limitations of twitter and the time limitations on me just makes sense to put these thoughts in the medium that makes the most sense based on what I have to write.

So I hope you’ll take even just a minute of time tomorrow to celebrate National Astronaut Day. Perhaps this is the kind of day that can inspire even more people to reach for the stars!


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