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Space Shell 6

Exploring the Effects of Using Cellular Respiration

🌟Cierra Aikens🌟Zahraa Mahmud🌟Taylor Meilstrup🌟Siri Olson🌟Claire Parks🌟Evelyn Weber

This experiment focuses on using Cellular Respiration Yeast to mimic real animal cells to see how they can survive in space using different measurements of it . The students are using Bermuda Grass to provide it with oxygen and are hoping to measure the growth of life without sending actual animals into space. 

Their experiment about cells in space will be developed in partnership with Space Tango and is currently planned to fly on SpaceX-30 to the International Space Station.

This Series was made possible by the generous support of Michigan Aerospace Manufacturing Association.

“It feels absolutely amazing to have our experiment go to space. It was the most exciting news I have ever received and even now it’s still hard to believe it.” 

Taylor MeilstrupSpace Shell 6 Team Member

"When we found out that we won, I was 'over the moon' happy. Our project is going to space– it was the best moment of my life!" 

Zahraa Mahmud Space Shell 6 Team Member 

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