2021 Series Winners

Team Andromeda

2021 Series Winners

🌟Krysta Fowler 🌟 Morgan Grayson 🌟Chelsea  Mayfield 🌟Anais Mera-Sarnelli 🌟Autumn Rhodes

Their experiment: Effects of Microgravity on a Radiation Resistant Bacteria” was developed in partnership with Space Tango and flown aboard SpaceX-27 to the International Space Station. The students will be evaluating the data from the experiment in the coming months.

"I'm really excited to participate in the Go For Launch! events. Personally, I can't think of a better way to show students the power of a STEM-based education than to expose them to the amazing accomplishments in the realm of space exploration and let them work with people who have been a part of our nation's space program."

Wendy Lawrence// Astronaut

"Go For Launch! is unlike any other program we have supported in the past. It provides our local aspiring engineers with the introduction to STEM they desperately want and the industry desperately needs."  Art Mallett

 Director, Global Aerospace –

Dunmore Aerospace 

2021 Series Events

Experiments like these make it to space through your charitable contributions!

Higher Orbits is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that promotes Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math by bringing young people together with Astronauts and industry professionals to explore the exciting possibilities offered by space and space exploration!

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