Higher Orbits to Send Four Student Research Experiments to the International Space Station

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Higher Orbits to Send Four Student Research Experiments to the International Space Station

Higher Orbits Galactic HQ – March 9, 2023 – Through Higher Orbits Go For Launch! programs, four winning student teams will have the opportunity of a lifetime to have their science experiments flown to be conducted on the International Space Station. 

Thanks to Higher Orbits payload integration partners, Space Tango, student teams Andromeda, Laika, Space Goats, and Space Worms will have their science flown aboard the SpaceX-27 Cargo Resupply Services mission.

 “Space Tango is excited to launch another round of Higher Orbits investigations to the ISS,” said Space Tango CEO and Co-Founder Twyman Clements. “We’re especially proud of the student researchers that have worked alongside us to get their ideas to orbit.”

Team Andromeda, the winners of Go For Launch! Lakeland went on to win our 2021 Series. This stellar team consists of students Krysta Fowler, Morgan Grayson, Chelsea Mayfield, Anais Mera-Sarnelli, and Autumn Rhodes. Their experiment will look at the ‘Effects of Microgravity on a Radiation Resistant Bacteria.’

“My participation with Go For Launch! gave me the opportunity to meet and work with students and professionals who are just as passionate about space exploration as I am,” said Morgan Grayson. “I am so excited to be involved with such an awesome project. This is a once in a lifetime experience!”

Winners of the Go For Launch! Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex and Higher Orbits’ BRPH Series, Team Laika, are also looking forward to this out of this world opportunity. Their experiment will explore the effects of microgravity on methanotrophic bacteria. The students behind team Laika are Daisy Li, Stella Ristic, Joshua Suarez, and Elena Zhu.

“I will forever be grateful for the privilege of attending Go For Launch! and the opportunities it provided me with…,” said Stella Ristic. “Being a member of the team of a project that has been selected to travel to the International Space Station has been such an amazing experience and created memories that I will never forget.”

Go For Launch! New Albany was a stellar independent event that came to Hazelwood Middle School in Indiana thanks to the incredible support of Purdue University’s Zero-Gravity programs.

Dylan Blair, Brooks Lozier, Olivia Quillo, Savannah Senopole, and Ryan Szymansky are the students behind Team Space Worms. Their winning experiment will look at how microgravity impacts the ability of the Hornworm to metamorphosize.

The final Higher Orbits student experiment slated to fly aboard SpaceX-27 belongs to Go For Launch! 4-H In Space winners, Team Space Goats. This team consists of Krish Nangia, Cove Searle, Celine Torkzad, and Nolan Williams. Their experiment will look at the effects of microgravity on the growth of spirulina in space.

“I have always loved the concept of space ever since I was young, but never have I ever expected to have my name engraved in space as a way to further advance space research,” said Krish Nangia. “Thanks to Higher Orbits and their Go For Launch! experience, as well as the 4-H program that provided me an opportunity to participate in this, I was able to convert a fantasy into a reality.”

After being awarded the opportunity to have their science flown in space, these selected Higher Orbits teams will work with Space Tango through a series of calls and meetings to aid in the development of their experiment design.

Space Tango develops modular systems for a variety of R&D and manufacturing applications. With expertise in technology and scientific consulting, Space Tango guides their partners through the process of designing, integrating, and operating their investigations in space.

“Space Tango helps us continue to cultivate an out of this world experience for our students all the way until their payload returns to Earth. Thanks to Space Tango, our student teams are actively involved with their research and the development process of their designs. They can ask questions and see their ideas come to life with Space Tango’s stellar team. We are truly grateful for their dedication to our students as our payload integration partners,” said Founder & CEO of Higher Orbits, Michelle Lucas.

Higher Orbits’ four Go For Launch! student experiments flying aboard SpaceX-27 will bring the grand total of experiments sent to space from this program to 17.

Go For Launch! is a program I wish I had as a kid. Seeing that this opportunity will allow these four student teams to have their science and hard work flown into space is incredible. Talk about a great way to get young students interested in future careers in math, science, and engineering,” said Higher Orbits supporting astronaut Don Thomas.

About Higher Orbits
Founded in 2015, Higher Orbits is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization creating an experiential learning lab for secondary school students across the United States, focused on the multifaceted worlds of space exploration, research, and spaceflight in order to launch the next generation workforce our world desires. www.higherorbits.org/

About Space Tango
Space Tango is an industry leader in automated systems in the pursuit of health and technology manufacturing in space. Since 2017 Space Tango provides facilities to support iterative R&D and manufacturing in microgravity environments. Through an integrated and intuitive approach, Space Tango works alongside its diverse partner base to embrace pathways to production. For more information, visit www.spacetango.com

About BRPH
BRPH is a technically focused, creative architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) company providing solutions to mission-driven clients’ most challenging programs. Drawing from its technical AEC talent, the firm partners with clients in the aerospace, defense, manufacturing, commercial, education, entertainment, and hospitality markets to identify gaps in their program delivery and to create innovative solutions. Founded in 1964 to support America’s space program, BRPH is consistently ranked among the nation’s top firms and has completed a wide range of projects across the United States and throughout the world. Headquartered in Melbourne, Florida, BRPH operates regional offices in Orlando; South Florida; Atlanta; Charleston, South Carolina; Huntsville, Alabama; Seattle; Palmdale, California and Phoenix. For more information, visit brph.com.


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