Book Review – From Tajikistan To The Moon – by Francis French

Book Review from Francis French!

“From Tajikistan To The Moon: A Story of Tragedy, Survival and Triumph of the Human Spirit,” Robert Frimtzis, 2012.

Some years ago, I met one of the most self-assured, outwardly serene and happy people I have ever met. Robert Frimtzis was born a Moldovan Jew in 1930 and escaped first the ravages of Nazi invasion, then anti-Semitism in the Soviet Union, by walking thousands of miles, near-starved, to escape persecution. He finally ended up in the United States, where, as he relates, within a few short years he was doing important work with people such as Neil Armstrong on the simulators that were vital for training to fly to the moon. This wasn’t the only space program he worked on. If you’re looking for a whole bunch of insight on the space program (which is my primary reading interest), this isn’t really the book. But to learn more about how immigrants to this country made vital contributions, and how some seemingly ordinary people may be outstanding examples of courage, forgiveness, and perseverance, read this book. It’s one heck of a life story. How someone can make the best of life and be as happy as he apparently is, having lived through so much, is remarkable.

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