Fly Your Artwork to the Edge of Space

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Higher Orbits is collaborating with Space Perspective to give every human on the planet a chance to have their art flown on Space Perspective’s Neptune One test flight in 2021!  

Your artwork should depict your thoughts, inspired by the following:

From climbing mountains and sailing the seas to air travel and spaceflight, humanity has always sought to go higher and farther, to gain a new and better perspective of our world.
Please use this theme as you prepare and create your project for the competition.

Artwork must follow these parameters:

  • All artwork must be created on paper, no thicker than cardstock
  • Digital artwork, that can be printed for flight, is acceptable
  • All artwork must be of original design by the submitter
  • Artwork/Decor may not protrude from the paper itself
  • Completed artwork must be no larger than 4 inches x 6 inches
  • Only one submission per individual is allowed

This is a unique chance to be part of this historic flight!

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