Skye McCord

Skye McCord is a junior at Crystal Lake South High School and has been an avid space and science lover all her life. Skye participated in and won the Higher Orbits Go For Launch! 2017 Centaurus A Series as a part of Team NESS, and had her experiment launched onto the ISS in 2018. Team NESS’s experiment was the first experiment to put bees in microgravity on the ISS. Skye was a student presenter at the 2019 ISS R&D Conference in Atlanta, Georgia, and the 2019 American Society for Gravitational and Space Research Annual Conference in Denver, Colorado. Skye is pursuing her studies in STEM and continues to work with Higher Orbits in their goal to bring space closer to home. A decade-long Star Trek fan, Skye is focused on astronomy and archaeology, and hopes to one day settle her childhood dream of making it to the stars.


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