Paul Colosky

Paul Colosky Jr is an entrepreneur in the physical therapy, wellness, and fitness industries, and is the owner of Valeo Human Performance, LLC in Houston, TX. His experience in exercise science, athletic training, and microgravity research and parabolic flight resulted in NASA funding to develop and patent the award-winning Constant Force Resistive Exercise Unit (CFREU), for use in maintaining bone and muscle health in space. He is currently active in treating clients and mentoring students at Valeo Physical Therapy, the clinic he’s owned since 2007, where he uses advanced, non-traditional treatment techniques such as cold laser therapy and whole body cryotherapy in his daily practice across all populations. Paul readily accepts professional challenges as a means to learn and grow, believes in seeking alternative methods to problem-solving, and asserts that if you’re not doing what you love, you need to try something different!

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