Other Donatable Items for Mission Discovery

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Here’s the next edition of how you can help out with Mission Discovery if you are so inclined… Donatable items! (I guess donatable isn’t really a word but I’m going with it! You all know what I mean!)

There are obviously supplies and logistical things that we need for each event. Everything from pens and pencils for the students to use to meals for the team. Every single thing that gets donate equates to scholarship dollars for students to attend. So here are some lists of what is needed for the Embry Riddle and Valparaiso University Events. (Note I will update the lists as items get donated.)

ERAU Mission Discovery Needs


VU Mission Discovery Needs


Just like anything else, donation of these items comes with a “tax incentive” so if the donors fill out this form
They’ll get a letter for tax purposes in the mail.

Some of these things can be great advertisement for companies (for example pens or folders with their logos).

If you have questions on quantity on anything that isn’t specified just drop me an email at michelle@Higherorbits.org

As always – every bit helps!

I thank you all in advance for your interest in helping in any way!

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