June 19, 2019

T-minus 2 Weeks til Higher Orbits Heads to Australia

T-minus 2 weeks and counting….

2 weeks from today the 5 previous Go For Launch! participants who were selected to be part of the International Science School in Sydney will board a plane for Australia. Do you think they’re excited? You better believe they are! Let us share with you what a few of them are thinking…

In being one of the five Americans being a representative of the United States in Australia
coming up in just a couple weeks, I can not say how incredibly excited I am to be a part of it. I
didn’t really fully understand the significance of what I was doing until fairly recently when I
returned from Space Camp in Huntsville Alabama this summer. I got to meet some wonderful
people who are just as fascinated by all things space. It was here I realized that I knew what an
amazing experience the International Science School would be and how many incredible new
friends I’m likely going to make. The closer it gets, the more blessed I feel to have been given
this opportunity, and I fully intend to make the most of these experiences that I am so lucky to
have been given! Can’t wait! – Leia

Acknowledging that the trip is in two weeks, I am very excited and thrilled to be going to Australia. This will be my first time that I have traveled out of the country and I can’t wait to see what Australia has in store for me. I am also excited to meet my colleagues in person for the first time when we get on our flight. Just thinking about the trip makes me very anxious and excited. I can’t wait to build tight bonds with my peers and learn about current scientific breakthroughs that are happening within NASA. I am also excited to see the various historic landmarks in Australia, such as the Sydney Opera House. July 3 is almost here and when it comes, I’ll be ready to embark on a new journey and to build friendships along the way. – Jamison

I am over the moon, completely thrilled about the upcoming trip. I’m ecstatic, telling all
my friends that I’m going to study in Australia; I’m anxious, packing and re-packing my bags for
a trip that’s still more than a week away. I’m excited in the way that a little kid is excited for
Halloween, with wide eyes and a huge grin plastered on my face. I’m longing to be there
already, the anticipation gnawing at my patience. The team’s been talking a lot lately, and we’re
all hyped up about the opportunity that is looming around the corner.
My family will be travelling to Australia too, but we’re going to part ways at the airport.
They’re off to the tourist destinations, the fun sights and must-do activities that bring most
people to Australia. While they’re going to see the beautiful sights the continent has to offer, I’m
off to the International Space School with Zach, Abi, Leia, and Jamison — and while my family
goes and hangs out with kangaroos, the team and I will have a better time studying with the
amazing professors at the University of Sydney. – Caroline

We have thoughts from the other 2 students who will be attending and will be posting those soon so stay tuned to here and all our social media channels to follow along with #HigherOrbitsInAustralia

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