Space Camp Scholarship Available to Go For Launch! students

Application for Higher Orbits

Go For Launch!

Scholarship to Space Camp – 2017


This application is for a scholarship to any Space Camp program in Huntsville, AL. (

This application is open to any student who has been a past participant in a Higher Orbits Go For Launch! program and it is only open to a student who has previously attended and completed a Higher Orbits Go For Launch! program. The application period for this scholarship will close November 1, 2017. One scholarship will be awarded for one student to attend the Space Camp Program of their choosing during 2018. This person must meet the age requirements as put forth by Space Camp. The camp MUST be attended during 2018. Transportation costs are NOT included in this scholarship. This scholarship award only includes the registration fee for the camp, which inherently includes food and lodging during the camp for the participant. This scholarship is non-transferrable. The decision of the panel of judges for the scholarship is final.


All items must be completed for the application to be considered so please double check before submitting.


(Our apologies that this is not a traditional form – we will work to enhance the process in 2018 but wanted to make this available this year and this is the extent of what we can do for this year.)











Which Higher Orbits Go For Launch! Program did you attend? (City & year needed)


WHICH SPACE CAMP PROGRAM WOULD YOU LIKE TO ATTEND? Choose only 1. Please see Space Camp website for what programs are specific to YOUR age.

Space Academy

Aviation Challenge Mach II

Robotics Academy

Advanced Space Academy

Aviation Challenge Mach III




  • Mission Patches are an important part of space missions. Please design a mission patch for yourself. Explain the different elements of the patch and why you chose them. (Note – the pure artistry of this patch is not what is being reviewed, more so the content of the patch etc. We consider this patch exercise to be an introduction to YOU for the judges.)
  • ESSAYS – each no longer than 1 page in 12pt font. All must be completed
    • Why do you want to attend the Space Camp program you have chosen? What do you hope to gain from this experience? Why should we choose you as the recipient of the first ever Higher Orbits scholarship to Space Camp?
    • Space Inspires! This is one of the mottos of Higher Orbits. What about space inspires you?
    • How do you plan to “pay it forward” if you should be chosen to receive this scholarship?
    • Tell us about 1 Astronaut who inspires you or has inspired you in the past and why they do/did.
  • Letters of Recommendation
    • 1 Letter from a STEM teacher
    • 1 Letter from someone within your community or activity you are involved in that is not a STEM teacher
    • 1 Letter from your parent or guardian


All items can be emailed to or mailed in hard copy to

Higher Orbits

PO BOX 4092

Leesburg, VA 20177

Recommendation letters may be scanned and emailed or they may be mailed in hard copy. If the writer would prefer to send this letter to us directly they are welcome to do this.


Please email any questions to the same email address as above.


Thank you!




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