PRESS RELEASE – Andromeda Division Winners: Deerfield Students are Go For Launch!

Contact: Michelle Lucas
Higher Orbits

Deerfield Students Are Go For Launch!

As part of the inaugural year of the Go For Launch! program, students from Deerfield High School (IL) will have their idea sent to the International Space Station.

Higher Orbits, a non-profit with the mission of promoting Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM), today announced a project idea developed by students from Deerfield High School (IL) will be manifested and launched to the International Space Station (ISS). The flight concept was conceived during the inaugural Go For Launch 3-day program, which is focused on leveraging space exploration as a mechanism for inspiring ideas that can be further examined in a microgravity environment. The student payload is expected to launch to the ISS as part of the Orbital ATK CRS-7 mission in 2017.

Students in high school from Kentucky, Illinois and Massachusetts all participated in this division (Andromeda Division), of the program, which took place earlier this year and was created to promote STEM principles, along with fostering teamwork, communication and leadership. Additionally, as part of the program, Go For Launch! provided students access to former astronauts, former ISS and Space Shuttle controllers, astronaut instructors, scientists and engineers, as they gained insight into the types of research investigations possible in microgravity. Participating students were broken into teams and tasked with daily collaborative activities under the guidance of the guest mentors. The final team building exercise of the program was to design a potential ISS flight experiment, which would be pitched and presented to a panel of judges representing space and STEM fields. The “DASA” team from Deerfield High School ultimately provided the most feasible flight concept and it has been turned into an actual ISS payload. Students from team DASA include Justin Bank, Chirag Goel, Dan Kimbich, Zach Levy and Katherine Stecher.

Team DASA’s flight experiment will evaluate the effects of radiation on living cells in space, and will take place inside the ISS on the newly installed Tango Lab, operated by Space Tango. The hardware facility inside the space station allows for multiple CubeLab experiments to run automatically and is an ideal platform for leveraging student inquiry.

“I am so grateful for the opportunity that Higher Orbits offered me and the rest of my group,” said Katherine Stecher, DASA team member. “To see an idea that started a few months ago as a sketch on a piece of paper actually take shape and fly to space is a rare opportunity. The anticipation has definitely built, and I can’t wait to see what answers our experiment brings back.”

“I’m thrilled to hear the news that the team from Deerfield won!” said Dottie Metcalf-Lindenburger, former NASA Astronaut and guest mentor for Go For Launch! “They were focused from the start of our 3-day program, yet they had some local competition that pushed them. I hope this opportunity launches not only their experiment but also their futures in aerospace and STEM. Congratulations!”

Moving into 2017, Higher Orbits is planning a variety of STEM-driven initiatives capable of reaching thousands of students around the country, in a variety of ages. The Go For Launch! Andromeda Division was supported by Intergalactic Sponsors: Space Tango, Kentucky Space, Space Shirts and eddi who help make Go For Launch! events possible. Sponsorship opportunities are available at various levels for individual events, divisions, or the overall program. For more details please contact Michelle Lucas at or call 707-893-STAR.

About Higher Orbits
Higher Orbits is a 501(c)3 non-profit with the mission of promoting Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM); along with leadership, teamwork, and communication through the use of spaceflight. Mankind’s journey into space serves as an ideal launchpad to excite students of all ages about STEM and working to fulfill their dreams and ambitions. Higher Orbits uses a variety of programs and partnerships with other organizations to achieve these goals and is excited to be holding events across the US in 2017. To learn more visit

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