Tony Miller’s degree is in Chemical Engineering from UAH and currently serves as the Jacobs ESSCA Technical Fellow for Data Analytics.  He has worked in aerospace engineering since 2006 supporting valves and liquid rocket engines.  Before that, he worked as a Process Engineer and Manager in the areas of tires, catalytic converters, batteries, valves, and various rubber and plastics materials.  Tony was also a Project Manager at a software firm for a few years.  Tony enjoys using computers to improve quality and efficiency in his areas of work, and he has taught himself numerous computer languages during the years.  Currently Tony is primarily using Visual Basic for Applications in Data Analytics for RS-25 hot fire testing and other areas of improvement.  Tony previously worked on the Space Shuttle, Ares I, Orion capsule, RD-181 and Merlin rocket engines, and currently supports the Space Launch System vehicle by working in the Systems Engineering group for liquid rocket engines.  Tony has written applications for everything from manufacturing systems to data analysis automation to WebOS and Android cell phones.

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