February 9, 2021

Ellie Puckett

, Louisville native, started her journey to the world of SpaceTech not through engineering or a love of space but through Entrepreneurship. Ellie graduated from Morehead State University in May 2013 with a Bachelor’s in Entrepreneurship. After graduation she took a position with the Kentucky Innovation network handling various tasks including start-up coaching, small business workshops, and speaking engagements. It was here where she was groomed her into the Director of the Space Tango Business Accelerator. The world’s first business accelerator of Space Science Businesses. There she managed and coached 3 start-up teams through The Lean Startup model. Shortly after the conclusion of this program Space Tango Inc began to focus on it’s real market and business model. Ellie continued to assist in any way possible with both Kentucky Space and Space Tango including business operations planning, marketing planning, and sales systems planning. In May 2015, Ellie finally joined Space Tango on full-time status as Director of Business Operations.

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