October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!

First off – the featured image is from none other than the awesome Liz Warren. Every year Liz does a cool space pumpkin. Such talent! Bravo!

Just wanted to take a moment and give a quick Happy Halloween as well as a shout out to my mom….

You see, there’s not a single Halloween that goes by that I don’t think of when I was in elementary school, I think maybe 2nd or 3rd grade, and the only think I wanted to dress up as for Halloween was an astronaut. Now look folks, there was no Pintrest and Halloween costumes were that vinyl and plastic stuff that had minimal options so it’s not like there was an “easy” answer for how to make me an astronaut costume. But my mom was not to be deterred…. She looked at the space books I had (because space books were pretty much all I asked for as gifts at the time, those weren’t exactly easy to find either!) and came up with a plan. My mom went and bought a white sweatsuit and preceded to add markings, such as tape down the arms and a name tag , to make it look like a spacesuit. I wore Dad’s race car helmet, we stuffed the sweatsuit with plastic bags to make it big and puffy and VOILA! I had an astronaut costume. Low tech? You betcha! But I can tell you I was likely the only astronaut in the whole Chicagoland area!

Thank you Mom! Thank you for always supporting my dreams and goals in every single way… including making sure I could go as my hero for Halloween.

I’m not sure if I am glad that there wasn’t digital around then or not because I don’t have a copy of that picture anywhere that I can easily find… but then again, maybe that’s a good thing. Not sure I need you all to see my childhood pictures 😉

Happy Halloween!

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