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Team Laika

Exploring the Effects of Microgravity on Methanotrophic Bacteria

🌟Daisy Li🌟Stella Ristic🌟Joshua Suarez🌟Elena Zhu

Their experiment Exploring the Effects of Microgravity on Methanotrophic Bacteria was developed in partnership with Space Tango and flown aboard SpaceX-27 to the International Space Station. The students will be evaluating the data from the experiment in the coming months.

“It was truly my honor to get to participate in the Go For Launch! Program with Team Laika and the other teams of future scientists and engineers.  I look forward to seeing Team Laika’s experiment fly into Space and to seeing the data that they get back when the crew on the ISS conducts their experiment.  Just as I look a bit farther in the future to see what these STEM greats will do going forward with continued support from groups like Higher Orbits and sponsors,  I can only dream and imagine about how much better our shared future will be when we get to celebrate the many accomplishments of these amazing STEM ambassadors. - Astronaut Tony Antonelli

This Series was made possible by the generous support of BRPH.

"Higher orbits was a truly interstellar experience. I had so much fun, and I learned a lot. It's thrilling to think our experiment will be launched to space!"

Elena Zhu// Laika Team Member

"I will forever be grateful for the privilege of attending the Go for Launch! program and the opportunities it provided me with. Being a member of the team of the project that has been selected to travel to the International Space Station has been such an amazing experience and created memories that I will never forget. I'm so excited to continue working on this project and see what becomes of it."

Stella// Laika Team Member

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