2019 Series

Team V Atlas

Go For Launch! 2019 Series Winners

From the Go For Launch! Lexington, KY Program, V Atlas team members are:

🌟Rachel Blevins 🌟Kiera Fehr 🌟Rosalie Huff 🌟Dresden Lubic 🌟Riley Lubic

Team V Atlas's winning experiment is about termites in space. Their experiment launched to the International Space Station aboard NG-14 from Wallops on October 3, 2020. Due to a hardware failure on-orbit, this experiment will be flown again aboard SpaceX-22 which is currently scheduled for summer 2021.

2019 Series


“There is a mixture of pride and humbling awe in reflecting on the fact that an experiment we conceived and had some part in designing was sent into space. That the data recording failed in transit just exemplifies the reality of science and experimenting—try, fail, and try again!—and we're very excited to find out what happens when the experiment is flown up a second time in the coming months!”

Dresden // V Atlas Team Member


"This past October my husband and I were thrilled to find out our daughter’s team experiment was chosen as the Go For Launch! 2019 Series winning project. Our daughter has been a space enthusiast since we can remember and having her project launched to space was the perfect experience to reignite her plans of a future STEM career."

Kristi // V Atlas Team Member


“Go For Launch! was an amazing, fun opportunity that helped me not only expand my knowledge of space, but also my teamwork skills. It had a balanced focus on learning and making sure we were all having fun, which not all educational camps and workshops are able to do. Finding out we were selected as winners was both incredibly suspenseful, but also incredibly exciting. The reveal of who won was all I could talk about for days. I remember finding out and immediately high fiving my parents and having my dog jump on me from all the excitement, and then texting the V Atlas group chat and my other friends. I'm pretty sure I just texted my friends a bunch of exclamation marks. Watching our experiment launch was a once in a lifetime experience, and I can't wait to find out the results of our experiment and what impacts the data could have now and in the future.”

Rosalie // V Atlas Team Member


"I will forever be honored to know that MY experiment has been sent to the International Space Station. This accomplishment has given me my first true connection to space and proven to me that even the highest of goals are possible. An experiment with so much “heart” in it becomes a part of your identity over time, giving you the achievement of a lifetime. Having a project on the ISS instills an entirely new level of confidence and reliance in one’s self, especially as a young student. Even being in the running for such a prominent competition is humbling, yet motivating. This ambition I found in myself is owed to Higher Orbits, as they gave me the tools and belief that I am capable of anything I aspire to be"

Kiera // V Atlas Team Member


“My participation in Higher Orbits has offered me many opportunities, as well as insight into my future career goals. I am pursuing becoming an astronaut due in part to my involvement with the program through Higher Orbits and being selected as winners for our Go For Launch! series; I had aspirations for space exploration that originated from when I watched the Space Shuttle launch as a small boy, but Higher Orbits' design challenge helped illuminate my path in pursuit of that dream.”

Riley // V Atlas Team Member

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