Cierra’s CRS-30 Launch Experience (Team Space Shell 6)

My experience with higher orbits has been great. Being able to go and see all the hard work we put into our experiments was a blast to see it actually going into space. I think the best way to explain my true feelings during this trip, I should start at the beginning of the trip.

On March 19th my family flew down to Florida and we got to see the lovely area around the space center. On the 20th we got to have an amazing dinner with the other teams. I got to talk and meet them it was really nice. We were also able to have dinner on the roof and it gave us a lovely view of the Kennedy Space Center. There was a guest astronaut Wendy Lawrence at dinner, which was pretty cool. On that night I had won an ISS tracker that tells me when the ISS is about in the area where I live, which is pretty out of this world.

March 21 the day of the launch, I was kinda nervous but really excited to see the rocket launch knowing I helped put something into space. Getting to see around the park and driving to see the Kennedy center so close was crazy. Getting to hear about the other experiments going to the ISS was an amazing experience, and then the launch. The launch was amazing! Getting to see, feel and hear it go into space and come back was incredible. It felt so unreal and too quick. After the launch we all went back to get celebratory drinks and food. We were able to talk and celebrate the launch happening.

March 21 the day after launch, my family got to go see the space park and got to see and learn about the other space missions which was very fun.

I would never regret the Higher Orbits space camp. I got to experience something that not many people get to experience and I’m very grateful for the opportunity.

Written by Cierra Aikens

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