Celebrate Good Times… Come On!

We here at Higher Orbits believe in celebrating the good things in life! It’s why we are all for celebrating World Space Week, Moon Day, National Astronaut Day, Yuri’s Night and more! We love birthdays (including for our Office Manager Guinness who is of the canine variety), holidays, and anniversaries too.

As such – we are excited to announce they we will be doing some celebrating this month in honor of Higher Orbits!

On August 10th we will celebrate the 1 year anniversary of Higher Orbits being granted it’s 501c3 status. For those of you who are unfamiliar with that term, that’s what the IRS uses to designate official non-profit status. This was a long arduous process to receive this status and as such… we believe the anniversary of that is a reason to celebrate!

On August 10th we will be launching all sorts of fun stuff including an auction to support the launch of the student experiments from our Go For Launch! events.

So stayed tuned over the next week and a half as we preview the out of this world items that will go up for auction. And don’t miss the exciting announcements and posting on August 10th on Facebook & Twitter. (Twitter handle @higherorbits) We are on Instagram as Higher Orbits and I promise to try and do a better job on there as well!

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