Blog Post from Saguaro Snake – Devin

Editor’s Note – We will be posting various blogs from some of the students who are on the teams with experiments launching aboard OA-8 this week. Here’s the first one!

“My name is Devin Askue I am a junior at mesquite high school. I am a member of the Saguaro Snakes and our experiment consisted in testing the nitrogen fixing proprieties of the peanut plant in micro gravity. Our team decided to use the peanut plant because it has multiple unique qualities. But unfortunately we had to convert our experiment from peanut plants to the micro clover. We did this because the micro clove will fit better and the astronauts aboard the ISS will be able to monitor it with greater accuracy. What we hope to get out of this project is the knowledge of will the peanut plant replenish the soil with an abundance of nitrogen or will it stop the process altogether. If it works it could be the key role to fertilizing and colonizing mars!”



Editor’s Note – The Saguaro Snakes were part of the Go For Launch! Gilbert event. They are the winners of the Go For Launch! Orbital ATK Division for 2017!

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