March 19, 2020

Ask an Expert With Higher Orbits

Hello Higher Orbits friends!

During this challenging time we know it’s important for students to have activities to engage them especially with STEM related topics. While we have been thrilled to share with all of you activities from others, we have been trying to think of ways that we can give you some original content as well (given our very limited resources.) Thanks to the support of our awesome extended teammates, we have come up with our first activity!


We are going to ask experts (generally in space & STEM fields, including Astronauts, but also we may branch out from that too just because variety is the spice of life, right?!) to share their stories and answer questions from students.

How will it work?
We will post some details about an “expert” to our Facebook page (and twitter too likely though we can’t post as much there due to character limitations of course!) and then give students (of all ages!) a chance to ask questions. They can post the question in the comments or they can email them to us at Then the expert will film a video of themselves answering the questions and we will post it. We will always use #AskAnExpertWithHigherOrbits so you can search for it that way.

Are you an expert who would like to participate? Please let us know!

And please, help us spread the word!

Now head on over to our Facebook page
and check out the postings of experts to ask questions of! We will add a new one (hopefully) every couple days. First one posted on 19 March.

Be well everyone.

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