May 15, 2022

#SpotlightSaturday Board of Directors: Meet Natalie Christian

Natalie Christian has been involved with Higher Orbits since 2013 and has served as the Corporate Secretary since 2019. She began her role as a Board of Directors member in 2021. When she is not supporting Higher Orbits, Natalie is an attorney in Chicago, IL where she concentrates her practice in insurance defense. Natalie has a passion for STEM Education and has been a long-time friend and supporter to our Founder and CEO, Michelle Lucas.

In March, I had the opportunity to catch up with Natalie and see what continues to get her #SpaceInspired to be a part of Higher Orbits.

Katy Thompson: What Inspires you to serve as a Board of Directors Member for Higher Orbits?

Natalie Christian: Well, I have been with Michelle since the organization was just an idea. I wanted to be a part of her launching the program that has been a passion of hers for a very long time. I am also a very big advocate of education, STEM education in particular, so it just seemed like a great way to meld both of those things together and help the organization grow.

KT: I know you said you have been with Michelle for a long time. Particularly since Higher Orbits was just an idea, so what was it like being able to experience Go For Launch! for the first time?

NC: I did over watch some of Go For Launch! San Diego with her back in 2018 and it was fascinating to see how involved the kids were. I mean all the kids were really really engaged. Seeing their creativity come together with their knowledge of science to create these experiment ideas was kind of incredible too.

On top of the impact these events have on the students, it is impressive to witness how much work goes into it. Each program is usually two or three days and Michelle is there hustling the entire time. Talking about the program and knowing its purpose is very different then seeing it in action. You just really don’t know until you have experienced it. You don’t realize how involved an event like this is unless you see it in person.

KT: I think you touch on something that’s a really important experience to have as a Board Member. It’s like ‘Okay, this is really what goes on at a Go For Launch! and this is how important our role as board members becomes for the continued support of the organization and the students.’

This last question is a fun one… if shipping and packaging was not an issue, what three things would you bring if you were traveling to Mars tomorrow?

NC: Oh! So, sort of the same thing as like what would you keep with you on a deserted island?

KT: Yeah, exactly!


  1. Coffee. Like all the coffee… An unlimited supply of coffee. Like whatever that would look like. A coffee machine, crates of coffee…
  2. Natalie’s Dog - Pippa
  3. The Internet! I mean you might get bored right? It’s full of books, pop-culture, social media, and music!

Natalie has supported Higher Orbits from the beginning and has watched this organization grow. We are so grateful for her support and commitment in her various roles over the years and we are over the moon to have her voice as a Board of Directors member!

About the author

Katy Thompson was introduced into the space scene in 2020 when she began working with Higher Orbits as a Communications Intern. Since then, she has graduated from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University with her B.S. in Communications and a minor in business administration. Thompson holds the position of Communications Director for Higher Orbits and enjoys using that position to help connect students with Higher Orbits programs, educational resources, and all things space.

Katy Thompson

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