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Go For Launch! Durham Series

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Durham Series Event

Apr 2 - 4, 2018 - Durham, NC

Students Grades 8-12

Flyer graciously created & donated by: 

Presenting Team

Greg H. Johnson a decorated fighter pilot, test pilot and Astronaut, flew as the Pilot of STS-123 (delivering the first part of the Japanese module Kibo to the International Space Station) and STS-134 (the final flight of Endeavour) and has completed nearly 500 orbits of Earth. Former President and Executive Director of the Center for Advancement of Science in Space, Johnson is vey familiar with science aboard the International Space Station. He is a huge advocate of STEM for students and is excited to be part of the Go For Launch! team.

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Contact Details

South Regional Library

4505 S. Alston Ave

Durham, NC , 27713

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