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Space Camp Scholarship Available to Go For Launch! students

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Application for Higher Orbits Go For Launch! Scholarship to Space Camp – 2017   This application is for a scholarship to any Space Camp program in Huntsville, AL. ( This application is open to any student who has been a past participant in a Higher Orbits Go For Launch! program and it is only open […]


Fore! Four! For Space Inspired STEM Student Programs

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Last week I had the great pleasure of getting to attend the Waste Management Phoenix Open, as a very casual golf fan and occasional golfer myself, I had heard this was THE goal event to attend. Now you may be thinking… What in the world does golf  have to do with Higher Orbits or STEM? […]

Space Camp Hall of Fame

Space Camp – Part 2: Imagine My Shock & Surprise…

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To be honest I had only learned of the Space Camp Hall of Fame sort of by accident in 2012. It was the 30th Anniversary of Space Camp and they sent out a request for Space Camp alums to come and take part in the celebration. They wanted to have 1 representative from each year. […]

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Space Camp – Part 1: Memories

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I will never forget watching the movie Space Camp in the mid-80s. I was already in love with space and now I was finding out about this amazing place that is a camp all about space! Needless to say I really really wanted to go! At first I wasn’t old enough so I counted the […]