Star Confetti with Copy Space, Useful for Life Events such as Birthdays, Parties, New Years, Weddings, etc

Celebrate Good Times… Come On!

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We here at Higher Orbits believe in celebrating the good things in life! It’s why we are all for celebrating World Space Week, Moon Day, National Astronaut Day, Yuri’s Night and more! We love birthdays (including for our Office Manager Guinness who is of the canine variety), holidays, and anniversaries too. As such – we […]

A Great Umbrella

A Great Umbrella!

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I feel fortunate today to announce that Higher Orbits has an umbrella to thank for helping us out… Now that may sound a little odd to you that I am thankful for an umbrella (especially given that it’s not raining!) but let me explain… There is a wonderful group in California called EEG (a non-profit […]


I Introduce To You…

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Cue the trumpets….. Or maybe a drumroll… Confetti Cannons perhaps? Anyway – give me some pomp and circumstance in your mind as you get ready to read this next bit because I am SUPER excited about it…. It’s is my great honor to introduce you to a new Non-Profit Organization that will use space to […]