Wow! Kentucky Mission Discovery was AMAZING!

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I’m sorry that it’s taken me a week to write this blog about Kentucky Mission Discovery but it’s just been so insanely busy! (Yeah, I know, you’re all saying “But she always says that!” And you’re right – I do!) I feel so fortunate that last summer I happened to meet Twyman from Space Tango […]

Exercise! Astronauts Do It – Do You?

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Well with this blog I am going to admit that I’m writing it at the encouragement of some other friends of mine who are much wiser in the realm of social media etc. than I am. They pointed out that some of my followers on this twitter account might be interested to learn more about […]


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The Movie Gravity with Sandra Bullock and George Clooney… I am sorry folks – I really wanted to like this movie but the short answer of what did I think of the movie is…. It was bad. It was just bad. As I said in my first tweet about this – I am not sure […]