Next Round of Scholarship Winners!

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I’m excited to announce some more scholarship winners that will be attending Mission Discovery Valparaiso University…

Rynelle Castellino of Cathedral High School has the goal of working of NASA and becoming an astronaut. She has been inspired by Kalpana Chawla’s hard work, determination and courage. One of the things that I absolutely loved about her essay was her stance that she feels that Space Exploration helps us keep perspective.

“We, humans, are focused on the Earth, that many a times we forget that the Earth is extremely small and tiny compared to the universe. Exploring space should help put many of us in perspective and remind us of our humbling place in the universe.”

Raquel Haro, from George Rogers Clark High School, is an extremely busy young lady who has a passion for STEM. She hoped to study Bio-engineering, Physics or Astronomy and wants to minor in the culinary arts (I love the diversity of her interests!) She says (and I love this quote from her) –

“The future holds endless possibilities just like space holds endless wonders.”

Alexus Perez is from Hobart High School and is fascinated by technology. She enjoys learning how things work and solving complex problems and feels that math and science are the basis of everything. Her desire is to make a discovery and make a difference.

Greg Harris, from Gary Comer College Prep, is a big fan of technology because it is always advancing and evolving. He feels that a STEM field is the field for him because STEM, too, is always evolving. He’s interested in studying Computer Engineering and appreciates that many STEM fields create improvements in life.

I have to tell you – that it’s such a treat for me to get to read so many great applications from so many amazing students!

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